9 minute read · March 2, 2023

That’s a Wrap! Highlights from Subsurface LIVE 2023

Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes · Director of Technical Advocacy, Dremio

That’s a wrap on Subsurface LIVE 2023! I personally had a blast meeting and hanging out with folks in person in San Francisco, and I know my colleagues did as well in New York and London - not to forget the folks attending virtually (all 7,096 of you!).

We were glad to see so many folks having fun and interacting with fellow attendees, speakers, and sponsors during the event. Thank you to the Subsurface community, speakers, attendees, sponsors, and the many people behind the scenes which made this event so successful. We had a blast putting it together for you all and we hope everyone enjoyed it!

Subsurface by the Numbers

Some stats from the event:

Breakout Session Highlights

Here are a few of our favorite breakout sessions from Subsurface LIVE 2023, in case you weren’t able to catch them all. 

Apache Iceberg: The Definitive Guide

I'm glad this cat's finally out of the bag - we're writing Apache Iceberg: The Definitive Guide with O'Reilly! We're really looking forward to providing a resource that can help data engineers, data architects, and anyone else who wants to, learn about Iceberg from soup to nuts. The early release is available now (chapter 1) and we're working hard on the rest of the book to make it available in the next 9-12 months.

Watch Any Sessions You Missed

All breakout sessions from the conference are already available to view through the conference platform. We’ll publish the recordings on YouTube within 2 weeks (hopefully sooner) as well as the slide decks and transcripts.

In-person Highlights

Here are a few pictures from the on-site locations:

Hope to see you again soon!

From all of us here helping put on Subsurface, thanks for coming and hope to see you all again soon!

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