Reimagining data analytics.

Dremio is in stealth, creating an entirely new approach to data analytics that prioritizes user experience, simplicity, and scalability. To learn about our beta program

user experience

a great user experience that makes you more productive and let's you focus on what matters. get started in minutes.


dremio simplifies your data engineering, and builds on key open source foundations that make analytics easy.


from spreadsheets to petabyte data sets, dremio delivers interactive speed, with the tools your analysts and data scientists love.

Built On Apache Arrow


We are collaborating with industry titans to create an entirely new approach to data analytics. Early feedback has been exceptional. Contact us to discuss joining our beta.

“I have been waiting for this exact product for 15 years. What took you guys so long?”

System Architect, BI & Middleware World Class Healthcare Provider

“There are literally 10,000 people in our company who will be so much happier using Dremio.”

Division CTO Leading Global Automobile Manufacturer

“What you just showed us in a few minutes usually takes our teams 6-12 months. Simply amazing.”

Data Engineer Fortune 100 Retail Company


Dremio’s founding team has been at the forefront of big data analytics for over a decade. We started dremio to shatter a 20 year old paradigm that holds virtually every company back. We have built an amazing team - join us!

Tomer Shiran

Tomer Shiran


Held product leadership roles at MapR, Microsoft, and IBM. Originally from Israel. Avid skier.

Jacques Nadeau

Jacques Nadeau


Creator and PMC Chair of Apache Arrow and Apache Drill. Ran the distributed systems team at MapR.

Julien Le Dem

Julien Le Dem

Principal Architect

Creator and PMC Chair of Apache Parquet. Formerly led Twitter’s data analytics pipeline.

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