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Deployment Options

Dremio makes it really simple to run SQL queries directly against cloud data lake storage without making copies of your data. There are multiple deployment options to fit your needs.
  • Dremio on Azure

    Run Dremio on Azure. You’ll get live, interactive queries and a self-service semantic layer directly on ADLS, plus native support for other Azure services.

    Azure Marketplace AKS

  • Dremio on AWS

    If you’re interested in trying Dremio out, AWS Edition is the fastest and easiest way to get started. You also have the option of deploying via Amazon EKS.

    AWS Marketplace EKS

  • Dremio On Prem

    Leverage Dremio to modernize and accelerate your on-premises Hadoop data lake as well as speed your journey to the cloud.

    Kubernetes Docker YARN

Deploy Dremio Today

Launch Dremio in your AWS account and start querying your data in minutes with Dremio AWS Edition. Get lightning-fast performance without having to move your data into a data warehouse. With multiple engines that start and stop automatically, Dremio AWS Edition drastically reduces your infrastructure costs.

Test Drive Dremio Today!

Test Drive Dremio

Not quite ready to deploy Dremio on your data lake? Test drive Dremio in our hosted environment instead. In just one minute you’ll have access to an on-demand instance that’s hosted by Dremio on Amazon S3.

  • Query data lake storage directly with 4x - 1,000x performance
  • Eliminate data copies
  • Maintain control of your data

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