May 3, 2024

Looking Forward-Apache Iceberg and the Iceberg Ecosystem

This panel discussion assembles experts from the Iceberg community and related projects to address the evolution and future directions of the Iceberg specification.ā€¯Looking Forward: Apache Iceberg and the Iceberg Ecosystem” aims to shed light on the latest developments, challenges, and advancements shaping Iceberg and its complementary technologies.Participants will explore the next generation of features, technical enhancements, and the collaborative efforts steering the growth of the Iceberg ecosystem. The dialogue will extend to the integral role of adjacent projects in enriching the Iceberg platform, emphasizing innovation and the adoption of data management best practices.This engaging session promises insights into the strategic initiatives and community-driven endeavors critical for advancing the Iceberg specification. It offers a valuable perspective for those involved in data architecture, engineering, and technology development, providing a glimpse into the collaborative journey ahead for the Iceberg community and its allies.

Topics Covered

Iceberg and Table Formats

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