July 21, 2024

Automating Reflections Management with the Dremio-Airflow Plugin

Dremio is becoming an integral part of the OLAP layer in modern data platforms due to its high-performance and cost-effective architecture. Leveraging Dremio’s Reflections query acceleration enables us to achieve sub-second query latency. At Prevalent AI, we use Dremio as the query execution engine and Apache Airflow as the orchestration engine for our data platform.

We wanted to automate Reflections management in Dremio, including creating, updating, and refreshing Reflections. With no native plugins available for Dremio in Apache Airflow, we developed the provider package to automate these processes. Thisallows for seamless orchestration of Dremio with Airflow, benefiting data engineers planning to integrate Dremio into their data pipelines.

Topics Covered

Data Analytics
Data lakehouse
Streaming Analytics
Table Formats

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