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Data Mesh in Practice

The State of Apache Iceberg

Why is no one visiting my lakehouse?

DataOps in Action with Nessie, Iceberg, and Great Expectations

Data Mesh in Action

Block-by-Block: Making web3 Data Accessible Using an Open Lakehouse Architecture

How Our Iceberg Migration Achieved 90% Cost Savings for Amazon S3

Unboxing the Concept of Drift in ML

From Business Intelligence to Streaming Decisions

Tech Roast Show

Lakehouse: Smart Iceberg Table Optimizer

Data Lakehouse – Why, What & How & accelerate and De-risk adoption

(Meta)data for developers: building a data API

Migrating from Delta Lake to Iceberg

Best Practices for Building and Operating a Lakehouse on Amazon S3

What’s New in Apache Iceberg

Using data science for Contact Center optimization

Dive deep of Apache Iceberg on AWS

Ten years of Building Open Source Standards: From Parquet to Arrow to OpenLineage

Technical Evolution of Apache Iceberg

Scaling Row Level Deletions at Pinterest

Apache Iceberg’s Best Secret: A Guide to Metadata Tables

Fast Data Processing with Apache Arrow

Managing Data Files In Apache Iceberg

Putting Data Engineering & Data Science into the Next Gear Through a Modern Data Lakehouse at Shell

PRQL: a modern language for transforming data

Cell Encryption with Apache Parquet

Self Serve Reporting at Scale via Change Data Capture and Delta

Bazaar`s Data Platform

Massive Survey Dataset Exploration with Dremio and Power BI: Discussing Strategies for an Optimal View

NoSQL Database and Hybrid Cloud Usage Scenarios at Rakuten Travel

Intelligent Container tracking using Apache Spark

Product Analytics at Wayfair

Data Governance at Scale

Matt Aslett from Ventana speaks at Subsurface 2023

Customer Panel Session: On the role of open data lakehouse in data democratisation.

Matt Peachey speaks at Subsurface 2023

Balancing self-service with security and governance

Partition and File Pruning for Dremio’s Apache Iceberg-backed Reflections

Reimagining Our Organisation’s Data Economy

Data Locality

Listing Files on Object Storage is Slow How Dremio Addresses That for All Datasets With Apache Ice

Data Mesh

Modernizing Hadoop

Emerging data technologies

Self-Service in a Regulatory Environment

Data Product Journey of Regeneron

Tame the Small Files Problem and Optimize Data Layout for Streaming Ingestion to Iceberg

Taming The Chaos: Standardizing Disparate Police Data in a Modern Multi-Tenant B2G SaaS Environment

Leveraging a Data Lakehouse for Energy Trading

CI/CD on the Lakehouse: Making Data Changes and Repair Safe and Easy

How a Data Lakehouse Architecture and Dremio are Addressing Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Data Challenges in Medical Research

Delivering Self-Service Analytics on Dynamic 365 ERP

Apache Arrow Flight SQL: High Performance, Simplicity, and Interoperability for Data Transfers

What’s a Database in 2023?

How to Migrate Your Tables to Apache Iceberg

Lakes and Lakehouses: The Evolution of Analytics in the Cloud with AWS

Rewriting History: Migrating Petabytes of Data to Apache Iceberg Using Trino

ADBC: Arrow Database Connectivity

Data Mesh

Modernizing Hadoop

Coexistence of legacy and modern technologies when modernizing

Mitigating vendor lock-in risk


Self-Service in a Regulatory Environment

Supporting 1000s of concurrent interactive queries with Dremio Sonar

How to Strengthen DataOps with Continuous Data Observability

Real-Time Application Data in Dremio

Building your data stack: reliability-by-design

Shell’s Journey to Data Mesh