March 3, 2022
8:15 am - 8:45 am

Founder’s Panel

Organizations today are looking beyond traditional approaches to BI and analytics so they can accelerate time to insight, enable self-service, and provide flexibility.

What’s needed is an open data stack that provides flexibility to bring multiple tools and engines directly to the data and not the other way around, meeting business goals while avoiding silos and lock-in. This has long been the goal, but only somewhat recently have data and cloud technologies matured to the point where it’s achievable for organizations of all sizes.

But what makes up an open data stack that you can trust? And how can it work to achieve your goals?

Hear from these founders and pioneers of open source projects like Apache Arrow, Apache Iceberg, Project Nessie, dbt, Apache Airflow, and Apache Superset on how the data community is tackling some of the biggest challenges in data architecture.

Session ID: KY202