March 1, 2023

11:00 am - 12:30 pm EST

Self-Service in a Regulatory Environment

Data and Analytics organizations have worked to balance improving access and self-service for the business with achieving security and governance at scale. Data lakehouses are ideally suited to help organizations provide both agility and governance. Deepika Duggirala, SVP Global Technology Platforms, at TransUnion and Tamas Kerekjarto, Head of Engineering, Renewables and Energy Solutions at Shell, will share their journeys to deliver governed self-service.

Apache Iceberg development and adoption accelerated significantly this year, enabling modern data lakes to deliver data warehouse functionality and become data lakehouses. With Apache Iceberg, the industry has consolidated around a vendor-agnostic table format, and innovation from tech companies (Apple, Netflix, etc.) and service providers (AWS, Dremio, GCP, Snowflake, etc.) is creating a world in which data and compute are independent. In this new world, companies can enjoy advancements in data processing, thanks to engine freedom, and data management, thanks to new paradigms such as Data-as-Code. Tomer Shiran, CPO and Founder of Dremio, will deliver Subsurface’s keynote address.

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