March 1, 2023

9:35 am - 10:05 am PST

Ten years of Building Open Source Standards: From Parquet to Arrow to OpenLineage

Over the last decade, Julien Le Dem has been lucky enough to contribute to a few successful open source projects in the data ecosystem. In this talk, Julien will share the story of how these projects came to be and what made their success possible. He will describe the ideation process and early growth of the Apache Parquet columnar format and show how that led to the creation of its in-memory alter-ego Apache Arrow. He will end by showing how this experience enabled the success of OpenLineage, an LF AI & Data project that brings observability to the data ecosystem. Along the way, Julien will talk about the key elements that catalyzed their growth, from project focus to governance and community.

Topics Covered

Open Source

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