March 1, 2023

12:55 pm - 1:25 pm PST

ADBC: Arrow Database Connectivity

The Apache Arrow ecosystem lacked standard database interfaces built around using Arrow Data, particularly for efficient fetching of large data (i.e., with minimal or no serialization and copying). Without a common API, the end result is a mix of custom protocols (e.g., BigQuery, Snowflake) and adapters (e.g., turbodbc) scattered across languages. ADBC aims to provide a minimal database client API standard, based on Arrow, for C, Go, and Java (with bindings for other languages). Applications can code to this API standard much like they would for JDBC or ODBC, but fetch result sets in the Apache Arrow format.

This talk will cover goals, use cases, and examples of using ADBC to communicate with different data APIs (such as Flight SQL or Postgres) with Arrow-native in-memory data.

Topics Covered

Open Source

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