Reimagine Today’s Data Architecture with an Open Foundation

Session Abstract

Application development has transitioned from monolithic to open architectures over the years, and data analytics is now making the same shift. Recent innovations in the cloud data lake and cloud lakehouse, such as table formats like Apache Iceberg and metastores like Nessie, change the way people build and interact with data and empower companies to establish open data architectures on cloud data lakes and lakehouses that ensure flexibility, agility, and avoid vendor lock-in.

In this webinar, join Dremio’s Outbound Project Manager Ben Hudson to explore:

  • What it means to be open
  • Why companies build their data architectures on an open foundation
  • Some of the technologies that enable an open data architecture
  • Success stories from industry practitioners who have approached their data architecture with an open mindset

Presented By

Ben Hudson, Product Manager, Dremio


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