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Modernize Data Analytics with Cloud Data Lakehouse

Seamlessly modernize your data analytics infrastructure to an open cloud data lakehouse, cost-efficiently and without disruption, with an easily exportable semantic layer.

Accelerate Time to Insight

Optimize data team productivity and infrastructure costs with an integrated semantic layer, SQL engine and self-service lightning-fast queries on cloud data lake.
  • 100x

    more efficiency for data teams with self-service

  • 90%

    less compute spend than other SQL engines

  • 3,000x

    faster ad hoc queries and 1,700x faster BI queries

The Future Is Open Cloud Data Lakehouse Storage

Break free from the Pyramid of Doom resulting from the complexity, performance limitations & higher cost of on-prem & cloud data warehouses. Harness the agility of open architecture & be future-ready for new innovations.

  • Without Dremio
  • With Dremio

Prepare for the next-gen open cloud data architecture

Break free from proprietary vendor lock-in and enjoy the flexibility to use multiple engines on your data and ability to take advantage of tomorrow’s innovations.
  • Simplify migration to the cloud with our semantic layer

    Our abstracted semantic layer simplifies data & business logic migration, with no interruptions or rebuilding of data pipelines.
  • Consistent analytics experience on-prem or in the cloud

    Enjoy the same best-in-class experience, performance and easy, consistent semantic operations, both on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Modernize access for data teams, executives & business

    Analytics at the speed of business with super-fast queries & self-service access to business-ready data for ALL users in real time.

Be future-ready with modern open data architectures

Seamlessly modernize your data analytics infrastructure to an open cloud data lakehouse, cost-efficiently and without disruption to existing analytics workloads.
  • Simplify data engineering and data access for all

    Eliminate the need to create multiple copies of data into proprietary data warehouses or BI extracts, cubes and other data copies.
  • Enjoy high-performing dashboard & analytics experience

    Modernize dashboards and interactive analytics on data lakes using seamless integrations with Tableau, Power BI & other BI tools.
  • Accelerate time to value with cost-effectiveness

    Drastically reduce the amount of time needed to serve business users with new initiatives and ever-changing data requirements.
  • Free your company from vendor lock-in

    Dremio’s open data architecture frees you from the clutches of data warehouse vendors, endless dependency and exponential costs.
  • Avoid data drift and ensure data governance & security

    Dremio’s open no-copy architecture guarantees a complete, consistent & single source of truth for your data & prevents data drift.
  • Avoid the risk of stagnancy and lack of flexibility

    Open architecture provides elasticity & scaling capabilities to innovate & add new data, technologies, engines, users & use cases.

We help leading global enterprises to modernize and be future-ready.

Read about how organizations around the world rely on Dremio to power their lakehouses and perform BI queries & analytics on their cloud data lakes.

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“Two years ago, the product owners had to make their best guess about how bad or well the products were doing in the field. Now we have real numbers to make that decision about how many are using specific products or features. We can make better decisions about what software to discontinue or invest in.”
Matthias Mueller Senior Architect at DATEV
“Dremio bridges the data warehouse and the data lake, enabling NCR to derive more value between the two data sources. This integration allows NCR to cross-pollinate data engineering knowledge among platforms and, most importantly, to deliver faster data insights to our internal and external customers.”
Ivan Alvarez IT Vice President, Big Data and Analytics at NCR Corporation
“With its strong query performance and semantic layer capabilities, Dremio is the perfect backbone for our Henkel data lake.”
Thomas Zeutschler Director of Data and Application Foundation at Henkel

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