On September 28th, 2022 the Subsurface Data Lakehouse community put on a meetup with two exciting talks about the exciting architectural pattern, Data Mesh. Make sure to join the meetup group to not miss upcoming meetup events.

“The Pragmatic Data Mesh Crash Course” with Meltano’s Sven Balnojan

In this talk, Sven introduces a pragmatic definition of the data mesh and explains it using a real-world example. When do you start your data mesh journey? Should you start it at all? How do I transform my data systems & culture into the data mesh (Hint: it’s by using the “four principles”)? You’re going to get a quick introduction to all of these questions to understand whether you might want to dig deeper into these concepts.


“How an Open data lakehouse enables Data Mesh” by Dremio’s Dipankar Mizumdar

In this talk, Dipankar goes through some of the key problems with a monolithic data architecture and how a data mesh approach helps deal with them. We will also dive into building a data mesh strategy using an open lakehouse platform & discuss the benefits and challenges.