July 21, 2024

The Future of Data Engineering in a Post-AI World

What does data engineering look like in a post-AI world? Will we even need data engineers? What will they do with their time if we can automate ETL? What is the role of data pipelines and data warehouses in a world of LLMs and vector databases? How can data engineering leverage this newfound intelligence to become better faster smarter?

Learn this and more in this talk by eBay Distinguished MTS Michelle Ufford. We’ll look at the evolution of data engineering, delve into major new data technologies and architectural patterns enabling AI, and evaluate ways data teams can leverage AI to grow their business impact. This talk is ideal for data engineers wanting to future-proof their skills and data leaders needing to support and leverage AI.

Topics Covered

Cost Optimization and TCO
Data Analytics
Data Catalogue
Data lakehouse
Data Ops
Data Optimization
Data Prep
Data Quality and Contracts
Data Science
Data Wrangling
Enterprise Governance
Gen AI
Modernization and Migration
Unified Analytics
Use Cases

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