Tamas Kerekjarto

Engineering Lead and Senior Architect

Tamas Kerekjarto is an Engireering Lead and Sr. Architect at Shell Renewables and Energy Solutions. He has over 15 years of experience in the software and energy industries, with the last 4 years focusing on software and data platform development in the renewables sector accelerating the energy transitioning of Shell. Tamas has a proven track record of designing and delivering enterprise scale, data centric cloud products and initiatives. His expertise spans across analytics, cloud, data,software engineering, IOT and cross-functional team leaderhip. Tamas holds a BS and MS degree in Economics and Computer Science respectfully.

In addition, Tamas is a former professional swimmer and a 3 Olympian who proudly watched Michel Phelp’s back numerous times.

As a lifelong high performance athlete and Sr Leader in the tech world Tamas has also been vigorously researching and studying how to improve and maximize both physical and cognitive performance experimenting with biohacking, polyphasic sleep, growth mindset, Wim Hof method, neurofeedback to name a few.

Tamas has a lovely wife and two kids.

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