Unified Analytics and Workloads with Dremio and HPE Ezmeral

Wednesday, July 21 2021

Organizations struggle with performing modern data engineering and data science because of a number of challenges. Processes are antiquated, tools and systems are outdated, and yet the demand for analytics to be infused into every aspect of the organization continues to grow. HPE recommends an industrial approach to solve these challenges. By looking to modern manufacturing systems, we can copy patterns to enable repeatable, reliable, and performant processes through the use of modern technology. HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and Dremio enable data and analytics across the enterprise through this industrial approach.

During this session we will discuss those challenges organizations face and why an industrial approach is the best way to solve those challenges. Using examples from manufacturing, we will describe how the HPE Ezmeral Container Platform provides the factory and tooling while Dremio delivers just-in-time access to data across the enterprise with streamlined processes for deployment.

Join us for this session of business concepts and technology discussion to gain insight into how your organization can take an industrial approach to data and analytics.