Demo-ing a 3-step OLTP database replication to data lake tables

Wednesday, July 21 2021

OLTP databases are a key source of data for analytics. Many CDC tools land database changes in a cloud object storage but can’t automatically provide and maintain query-able tables. 

Upsolver’s new CDC capability comes with unique features such as:

  • A simple 3 step flow to build the replication pipeline
  • UPSERT support for replica consistency
  • Stateful transformations 
  • Automatic table optimization
  • Dynamic table split based on key field
  • Schema evolution handling
  • Rewind and replay data

This talk will cover

  • Popular methods for database replication
  • The challenges with replicating a database into data lake tables
  • What Upsolver CDC offers that’s new and exciting
  • A live demo of Upsolver CDC in action