March 2, 2023

11:45 am - 12:15 pm PST

From Business Intelligence to Streaming Decisions

Twenty years ago, we had a firm desire to support customers with business intelligence and open source solutions. At that time, there was opposition to the existence of such solutions as well as proprietary software lobbyists focused on curbing free software at all costs.

Today, the open architecture of the data lakehouse allows our customers to keep real control of their data, and supports user empowerment in the appropriation of data to make daily decisions.

Modern business processes are increasingly designed for analytics; therefore, databases are dumped to the data lake, via Debezium through Apache Kafka to Apache Iceberg, to be consolidated and queried via Dremio. Such an infrastructure opens new perspectives to take full advantage of open architectures.

Session ID: BO109

Topics Covered

Lakehouse Architecture

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