Subsurface LIVE Sessions

Session Abstract

We are at an inflection point. The complexity of business, their audacious data-driven goals combined with volatility and unpredictability of the markets require us to pause and reimagine our approach in how we manage data. Our past centralized analytical data management architectures such as the data warehouse will no longer take us to new heights in the face of today’s realities.Data Mesh is an alternative sociotechnical approach to managing analytical data. It is what comes after this inflection point. Its objective is to enable organizations to get value from data at scale with agility, in the face of organizational growth and complexity. It’s an approach that shifts the data culture, technology and architecturern

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  • from centralized collection and ownership of data to domain-oriented connection and ownership of data
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  • from data as an asset to data as a product
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  • from proprietary big platforms to an ecosystem of self-serve data infrastructure with open protocols
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  • from top-down manual data governance to a federated computational one.
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rnIn this talk, Zhamak will explore how to move to a data mesh. She will share how to mobilize your teams, capitalize your past investments in technology and how to imagine a new destination.