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Subsurface LIVE Summer 2020

Closing Session with Billy Bosworth

Session Abstract

Expand your technical knowledge and hear from your peers and industry experts about cloud data lake use cases and architectures at Subsurface™, where we explore what’s below the surface of the data lake. Hear firsthand from open source and technology leaders at companies about their experiences spearheading open source projects and building modern data lakes. Explore real-world use cases, from data warehousing and BI to data science and advanced analytics.

Presented By

Billy Bosworth, CEO, Dremio

Billy joined Dremio as CEO in February 2020 after serving on its board of directors since June 2019. Prior to Dremio, he served on the board of directors at Tableau Software (NYSE:DATA) for nearly five years, through their acquisition by Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) — one of the biggest software acquisitions in history. Billy also served as CEO of DataStax from 2011-2019, propelling the company’s growth from sub-$1M in revenue and 25 employees to more than $100 million in revenue. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of data autonomy, hybrid cloud, AI, and distributed workforces and was an active member of the Forbes Technology Council for many years.

Billy’s 25+ years of tech experience span nearly every part of the data industry in roles ranging from database administrator and software engineer, to book author, to general manager and CEO. He holds a Bachelor of Science in computer science from the University of Louisville where he was also a scholarship football player for the Cardinals.

Webinar Transcript


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to the stage Dremio CEO, Billy Bosworth.

Billy Bosworth:

Well, it's good to see everybody again here at our virtual conference. What an amazing day it's been. 15 action packed sessions with tons of information. Even though the sun is beginning to set on our day today, and we're seeing the waters have been churned up from all the activity of looking what's beneath the surface I want to offer a special thank you to the people who made it possible from the content perspective. That is our amazing speaker list. Thank you to everybody for taking the time, for the preparation, for the dedication you have to the field, and the technology, and for the willingness that you have to share things with your peers. That really makes a difference, and we appreciate so much all the effort that you have put in to making this such a special day today.

What you heard about was, in various forms, and formats, and functions, is this world of an open future where we are looking at separation of compute, and data, and storage, and we're looking at it in ways that allow best of breed technologies to give us maximum flexibility, and performance, and scale all leveraging the modern infrastructures that the cloud has to provide. This is what makes our future so exciting, is the possibilities now seem limitless in terms of what we can do with our data-like architectures.

This would not have been possible also without some special help from some others. First is our sponsors. Thank you to all of our sponsors for getting behind this event. It truly is something where we are excited to share, and to host, and to present, but getting more people involved, like our sponsors, makes things really, really, even better. The booths are still open. Please make sure to go visit, and see everything that they have to offer, and teach, and learn what they're up to, and learn about what's going on all in the ecosystem around us. Thank you to our sponsors.

Also, I want to offer a special thanks to the team at Dremio. As we said, a couple of times early today, this was just an idea about six weeks ago. To go from the idea to an event with over 5,000 people that is made completely free to the attendees to come, and learn, and share without the hassle of travel to an event, it took a lot of planning and a lot of work on the backend. The Dremio team has done real significant, passionate work to make this possible. I want to offer a thank you to everybody at Dremio who brought this together.

While we think about it as the end of the day the reality is this is a new beginning. This would be a sun rise on the opportunities that we have coming tomorrow. We want to make sure that we stay connected, and we enter this new world together, so please use that Slack channel. We've had a lot of activity on it today. We want to keep that going after the conference. You can learn, and stay connected, and get informed of new talks and new webinars that are coming up, but also learn about future events, which leads me to a very exciting announcement. Hopefully you stuck with us to the end, so you can hear this. There's more to come after this announcement, but we would also like to announce Subsurface round two. Mark the dates on your calendar now. We're going to begin looking at content here very shortly. We want to keep the momentum going. We want to keep everybody excited and engaged, and we're going to have a lot of activity in between. But again, there's nothing like the special feeling of getting this many people together to discuss these topics in a format like this.

Stay tuned, because Jason is going to give us more information about a couple other things still to come today to make this an even more special event as best we can do in a virtual format. We want to give you things that make this a little bit fun, and engaging beyond just sitting and listening to content all day. With that, first, I want to offer a warm thank you to everybody who stuck with us today, and who came and attended. Hopefully you got a lot out of it. I will now turn it over to Jason to tell us about the exciting things to come. Jason, take it away.


Thanks, Billy. That was a great wrap up to a fantastic day full of interesting speakers and topics.