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Self Service Data

Make your analysts and data scientists more self-sufficient with self-service data.


Data Is At The Heart Of Everything You Do. So Why Is It So Hard To Use?

If you’re like most companies today, data is at the heart of everything you do. But it’s really hard to use. Your data lives in dozens of systems, each owned and managed by different teams using a range of technologies. Some are apps built in house, others are 3rd party apps in the cloud.

Meanwhile your analysts and data scientists are starved for this data. A decade into the smartphone era, users are more sophisticated with data and technology than ever, and they’re using a new class of tools that embrace self-service, allowing them to do more themselves, and be less reliant on IT.

The truth is, you’re being held back, because nobody has solved the really hard problem - putting the data in the hands of the analysts and data scientists.

For 30 years we’ve been trying and failing the same way, and it’s time for a change. No more data warehouses, no more ETL, or cubes, or aggregate tables, or BI extracts. No more months of waiting for stale, brittle data that fails to tell the whole story. It’s time to rethink data analytics.

It’s Time For A New Way. Dremio.

With Dremio, anyone can explore and analyze any data in the company at any time, regardless of volume, structure and location. Dremio is a fundamentally new approach that starts to deliver value in minutes. No matter how you’re storing your data, Dremio makes it all work like a single relational database.

When new data sources come online, there’s no waiting for 6 months for a project team to build out a new data pipeline. Instead, users get instant access to the data, and they can easily join it with other data sources. Your teams are more agile, and move faster than ever before.

Connecting Dremio to other systems

So whether you’re an analyst using Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik, or a data scientist working in R or Python, Dremio makes all your data easy to access. And Dremio accelerates your data so you can be interactive as your explore and analyze at the speed of thought.

Dremio Is Like Google Docs For Your Data.

It all starts with collaboration. Dremio helps analysts work together to easily discover, curate, and accelerate data using Dremio’s powerful and intuitive UI. Then, they can securely explore and analyze data using their favorite BI tools or advanced languages like R and Python. It’s like Google Docs for your data, and your teams will start to see value day 1.

Dremio also makes it easy for you to govern access to all your data sources, giving you fine-grained access control, and clear insights into how data is being shared across your teams, helping you avoid disconnected spreadsheets and the risks of [Shadow Analytics](#something). Learn more about how Dremio works.

Technical Details For Self Service Data

  • Supports many tools, including Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, Python, R, and any SQL-based tool.
  • Supports virtually any data source, including Amazon S3, Azure ADLS, RDBMS, NoSQL, Hadoop, Excel, and others.
  • Documentation for Self Service Data.