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Connect Power BI to Amazon S3. Start running interactive visualizations in minutes.

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Running Power BI on S3 is a Slow, Complex, Multi-Step Process

Amazon S3 has quickly become indispensable for many modern applications. It provides unlimited scalability, reliability, a simple API, and it is unbeatable in terms of cost. For architects S3 is an important tool that complements other data infrastructure - it’s where your data “lands” initially, and then later is “picked up” for processing, then moved into RDS, EMR, or your Hadoop cluster.

If you’re using Power BI, then one of the end points of your data pipelines is a relational database like RDS, because that’s how Power BI works best. But think about all the steps it took to get the data from S3 into Power BI and the hands of your analysts.

What if you could run Power BI on S3 directly, with an interactive experience, and without making any compromises in functionality? You could dramatically reduce the time and complexity to work with your data, and shrink your costs along the way. That’s Dremio.

Power BI and S3 with Dremio

Dremio Simplifies and Accelerates Analytics for Amazon S3

Dremio connects Power BI to S3, and accelerates your data and queries. SQL queries that are issued to Dremio by Power BI are compiled into Dremio’s distributed SQL execution engine, and pushed down to file reads in a massively parallel process. No matter how your data is stored, Dremio gives you full SQL access, including joins, aggregations, and sub-queries. Learn more about how Dremio works.

Accelerate Your Data

With Dremio Reflections™, your data is automatically optimized in columnarized, compressed data structures called reflections. Dremio’s reflections can accelerate your analytics by 10-1000x. Learn more about Dremio Reflections™.

Not Just S3, All Your Data Sources

Dremio is more than a solution for Elasticsearch - it works for all your data sources. Relational databases, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, and more. Dremio gives you the same rich query access to any source, and accelerates your data to make analysis interactive and fun.

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