Information Management: How to make Internet of Things data a performing asset

Jun 27, 2019

In this eye-opening article, Dremio’s CEO Tomer Shiran discusses the value, challenges and best practices to make the most of IoT data.

These are great takeaways:

“The data generated from IoT devices turns out to be of value only if it gets subjected to analysis, which brings data analytics into the picture. IoT data is highly unstructured which makes it difficult to analyze with traditional analytics and BI tools that are designed to process structured data.

Many analysts are leaving this IoT data untouched – resulting in under-performing assets. Here are some ways to fix this:

  • Understanding the security challenges related to IoT data and cloud services
  • Leveraging low-cost object stores like S3 and ADLS without compromising on performance
  • Using standard SQL for interactive analytics from any tool.
  • Building on open source projects like Apache Arrow to give best-in-class performance, security and self-service
  • Increase interoperability and make use of all your data
  • Combining IoT and business data
  • Implementing Data governance”

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