Dataversity: Cloud Data Warehouse vs. Cloud Data Lake - Overall Resource Efficiency and Productivity

Aug 13, 2020

This article discusses the differences between cloud data lakes and cloud data warehouses and how since the COVID-19 crisis began, one of these technologies is successfully helping IT leaders to do more with less.

This is a great takeaway:

“Cloud data lakes afford enterprises complete control over their data at all times with a much lower risk of vendor lock-in. Its open architecture allows users to leverage storage technologies such as Amazon S3 and Microsoft ADLS, and best-of-breed processing engines like Databricks. It also provides easier access to data, so data engineers, architects, and data consumers can make the most of their data using the tools that they already are familiar with.

Cloud data lakes offer enterprises the ability to pursue new and more complex data projects in order to take advantage of the cost savings, accelerated time to insight, efficiency, and productivity that they deliver.”

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