Datanami: Why 2018 Will Be All About The Data

Jan 4, 2018

Our VP of Strategy, Kelly Stirman, was quoted in a recent article by Datami about what 2018 holds in store for the data analytics. You can read more about it in Why 2018 Will Be All About the Data.

Kelly was quoted again on the rise of the Data Curator role:

“Organizations are now identifying the need for a new role, the data curator, who sits between data engineers and data consumer, and who understands the meaning of the data as well as the technologies that are applied to the data,” Stirman writes. “The data curator is responsible for understanding the types of analysis that need to be performed by different groups across the organization, what datasets are well suited for this work, and the steps involved in taking the data from its raw state to the shape and form needed for the job a data consumer will perform.”

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