TechRepublic: Data lakes are an epic fail, but this open source project might change that

Sep 26, 2018

TechRepublic wrote a great piece on their Big Data Essentials newsletter covering the topic of how Dremio helps prevent data lakes failures. You can read the article here.

We thought this would be a great takeaway:

“By making it easy to build Data-as-a-Service, Dremio hopes to make infrastructure and data accessible to and usable by a much broader range of users than data lakes can. Amazon Web Services (AWS), GitHub, and other tools all have ensured you don’t have to worry about the underlying infrastructure to get work done. Data lacks this kind of “as-a-Service” approach today. Dremio seeks to resolve this by offering a catalogue, a bit similar to Google’s index, that allows someone to search for relevant data sets.”

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