CMS Wire: Open Source's Twentieth Anniversary

Feb 2, 2018

Our founder and CTO, Jacques Nadeau, was asked to weigh in about what the next 20 years of open source development will look like for an article on CMS Wire. You can read more in Open Source’s Twentieth Anniversary.

One interesting takeaway on diversity in project committees:

“[Jacques] points out that there are two prevailing models for open source software development — a benevolent and a consensus driven committee. While each approach has its pros and cons, the philosophy of the consensus model has always been that a diverse collection of interest’s can produce a common set of goals through dialog and established process. Some projects are not as diverse as they could be, and there is an opportunity for us to do better in terms of ensuring a wide range of points of view. [Jacques] said that he believes some of these groups such as the Apache Foundation will revisit the structure of their projects to ensure greater diversity.””

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