DZone: Big Data Use Cases

Jan 8, 2018

I was asked to provide use cases for how big data is directly helping companies today. Click through to read the answers on Big Data Use Cases.

A quote that summarizes some of the data-oriented use cases from the article:

“Technical, i.e. data lake enablement and data warehouse re-platforming. Broad connectivity. An accelerator for the data warehouse. Some are cloud-oriented. Serve as a streaming enabler to migrate data to the cloud. IoT at the energy, oil, and gas wellhead. Retail brick-and-mortar malls trying to attract tenants by providing information of who’s shopping at their malls and what the patterns are. Manufacturing is pushing out data ingestion to the edge for real-time analytics with fog computing and ML decisioning. Cybersecurity with rapid pace forensics detecting what happened, so that you can build more robust models more quickly, as well as anomaly detection.”

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