Dremio 3.2 Deep Dive Webinar

Enterprises have been using data lakes to take advantage of their flexibility, cost model, elasticity, and scalability – but access to the data is a challenge for analysts and BI users. In our latest release, Dremio 3.2, we continue widening the options that users have to gain insights from their data, faster.

Join this webinar on May 21 (12 pm PST) to learn about:

  • How you can build a cloud data lake with ADLS Gen2 and Dremio
  • How Dremio’s new predictive pipelining technology drastically increases query performance on S3 and ADLS
  • Deploying Dremio on AKS, EKS and on-premise K8S clusters using Helm charts
  • Enhanced reflection refresh capabilities

And much more!