IT Toolbox: Dremio Releases Data Lake Engines for AWS, Azure, and Hybrid Cloud; Enhances Performance on Data Lake Storage

Sep 17, 2019

In this great piece IT ToolBox covers Dremio’s recently announcement of the release of its Data Lake Engines for AWS, Azure, and Hybrid Cloud. This version of Dremio’s open source platform includes advanced columnar caching, predictive pipelining, and a new execution engine kernel delivering up to 70x increases in performance.

Some important takeaways:

“Dremio’s Data Lake Engine makes queries on data lake storage extremely fast, so that companies no longer have to move data into proprietary data warehouses or create cubes or extracts to get value from that data. We’re excited to announce new technologies – like our Columnar Cloud Cache (C3) and Predictive Pipelining – that work alongside Apache Arrow and the Dremio-developed Gandiva kernel to deliver big increases in performance.”

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