Dremio is Best Big Data Startup (and Apache Arrow is a Project to Watch)

Sep 23, 2019
Justin Dunham

We’re excited to announce that Dremio’s been named Best Big Data Startup by the editors at Datanami! Here’s what Datanami had to say about us:

Dremio seems destined to do great things with its Apache Arrow-based software that aims to reduce complexity that exists across datasets, architectures, and workflows.

We can honestly say we agree. We just released Dremio 4.0, our Data Lake Engine, featuring our Cloud Columnar Cache, Predictive Pipelining, and the general availability of the Gandiva kernel for Apache Arrow, plus Dremio Hub.

And Apache Arrow was named an Editors’ Choice for Top 5 Open Source Projects to Watch. Congrats to the other winners, including Spark, Tensorflow, and MongoDB.

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