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Optionally Join Other Data

While data lake storage is the center of gravity for modern data architectures, you may have important data in other places too. Dremio makes it easy to optionally join your data lake storage with those other database sources, without ETL.

Connect to your database

With multiple built-in and community-developed connectors, Dremio can easily and securely connect to your existing databases and data warehouses — such as Oracle, SQL Server, and AWS Redshift — to join that data to your data lake storage.

Powerful query pushdowns

For small to moderate tables sizes (~100M rows), Dremio has the most powerful query pushdowns in the industry, featuring the Advanced Relational Pushdown (ARP) engine. Dremio's deep understanding of the database's capabilities and query language enables partial and complete pushdowns for even the most complex query plans. And for very large tables, Dremio ensures peak performance via Data Reflections of those tables, maintained on data lake storage.

Dremio Hub

In addition to the native connectors built into Dremio, Dremio Hub provides a marketplace of community-provided connectors to download, making it easy to join your data lake storage with other places you keep your data, without ETL.

Dremio Connector SDK

Need to join your data lake storage to a source we don't support? Connectors can be built to any data source with a JDBC driver and are template-based, making it simple and easy to define new connectors without complex coding.

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