Cloud Cow: Tomer Shiran On Data Lake Engines, Cloud, Critical Data Challenges and More

Sep 17, 2019

In this exclusive interview, our CEO and co-founder Tomer Shiran talks about Dremio’s Data Lake Engine, Cloud and critical data challenges.

This is an interesting quote by Tomer:

“Dremio’s Data Lake Engine is about delivering really fast query speed directly on data lake storage. Dremio has always made queries very, very fast, but with this new release, we’ve engineered a number of features that take that performance benefit even further and are specifically optimized for a cloud data lake environment – things like our Columnar Cloud Cache and Predictive Pipelining. In addition, we’re adding a bunch of new features related to better integration with AWS and with Azure, particularly in the area of integration with security features that are native to those platforms.”

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