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Spin up Dremio Cloud in your own AWS account, connect to your Amazon S3 data and run interactive queries in just a few minutes with the easy and open lakehouse platform.

Simplify data engineering and get insights in minutes with the Dremio Open Lakehouse

Data teams are under pressure to deliver access to data for a variety of analytic use cases to a wide range of data consumers. At the same time, data lakes are growing exponentially.

Dremio Cloud on AWS reduces the complexity, time, and effort required for data teams to provide access to data in Amazon S3, and provides self-service analytics capabilities directly on data lake storage.

Dremio is the only open lakehouse platform that offers a forever free tier. Deploy Dremio Cloud in your own AWS account and see how easy it is to access insights directly from your data lake. 

For a limited time, Dremio is offering Dremio Cloud + up to $500 of AWS credits for FREE.*

* Not available for current Dremio customers.

The Dremio Open Lakehouse Platform

The Dremio open lakehouse platform combines the data management and data analytics capabilities of the enterprise data warehouse with the flexibility and scalability of the data lake in a completely open, SQL-based platform.

The Dremio Open Lakehouse Platform Consists of Two Services

  • Dremio Sonar

    A SQL query engine that accelerates performance, provides full ANSI-SQL functionality to the data lake, and provides a semantic layer that enables self-service for a wide range of data consumers.

  • Dremio Arctic

    An intelligent metastore for Apache Iceberg. Dremio Arctic automates many data management tasks and makes working with data as easy as working with code.

Dremio Cloud makes the Open Data Lakehouse available as a fully managed service within your AWS environment, so you maintain complete control over your data.


Open Data Architecture

Dremio Cloud is built on open standards, formats, and technologies so you can future-proof your analytics architecture and leverage the best tools for your workload.

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Reduced Time to Insight

Accelerate access to data, experience improved query performance versus other SQL engines, and eliminate the need for cubes, extracts, and aggregation tables.

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Increased Productivity

Dremio Cloud reduces the effort required to manage your data architecture and enables self-service access to data so data teams can focus on innovating with data.

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Dremio Powers Data-Driven Innovation Across the Globe