Announcing Dremio University

Feb 6, 2019

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Announcing Dremio University!

Last week we gave you some great news, we released the latest version of Dremio. If you missed it, no worries, join us on February 7th for deep dive webinar where we will discuss all the great features included in Dremio 3.1.

Today, I want to take the opportunity to announce Dremio University. A free to sign-up online training program for Data Engineers, Analysts and Data Scientists. I’m sure at this point you must have many questions in mind: what is it? What courses can we enroll in? Is it graded? Who is it for? Well, let’s dive right into it.

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Dremio University was created with the goal to provide users, customers, and the community in general with the best in class Dremio learning experience. We also want to help students gain insights from their data faster, minimize their deployment time, enhance their user experience, help identify and reduce implementation challenges.

Available Courses

Currently Dremio University counts with 3 courses that you can enroll in:

Dremio Fundamentals

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This course will give students a basic understanding of Dremio while providing a valuable skill set to gain value from data, faster. Upon completion, students will be able to navigate through the UI, understand how to connect data sources, differentiate physical and virtual datasets, explore and curate data and analyze data with their favorite business intelligence (BI) and data science tools.

Data Reflections

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This course provides a great detailed overview and best practices that will allow students understand what Data Reflections are and how they work, how to create and configure Data Reflections and how to apply it in their day to day analytics tasks.

Dremio for Data Consumers

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Dremio for data consumers introduces in-depth concepts of data discovery and analysis. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to get the most of value out of their data, uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights at the speed of thought.

These courses have been created by Dremio experts based on real life use case scenarios and challenges, they are self-paced so students can work on them as they see fit in their busy schedules.

In addition to the great content that students will learn about inside of each course, Dremio University will provide students the opportunity to get hands-on experience through a private Dremio Enterprise Edition hosted container, allowing them to follow along the activities and exercises for each class. Once the student enrolls in the class, they will be able to launch the virtual environment with just a few clicks and enjoy the full set of features that Dremio offers.

Students who complete the course successfully with a grade of at least 70%, will be awarded an official completion certificate that they can post on their social media platforms. The goal for our 2019 roadmap is to allow students to obtain a professional certification, however we first want to focus on creating the content that will cover the basic, intermediate and advanced topics that the BI analyst and data science community needs to tackle the most challenging uses cases today.

Without further ado, I want to invite you to visit and enroll in Dremio University today!

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