March 1 -2, 2023

Subsurface LIVE Winter 2023

Virtual • San Francisco • New York City • London

Keynote Speakers

Tamas Kerekjarto

Engireering Lead and Sr. Architect

Deepika Duggirala

Senior Vice President, Global Technology Platforms

Zhamak Dehghani

CEO and Founder

Jordon Tigani

Founder & CEO

Ryan Blue

Co-creator of Apache Iceberg, CEO and co-founder

Trusted by Many Forward-Looking Organizations

Find out why customers choose Dremio

Self–Service Analytics

Unified data access, modern and intuitive U/I, semantic layer, and built for SQL.

Open Data, No Lock-In

Based on community-driven standards, including Apache Arrow, Apache Iceberg and Apache Parquet.

Sub-Second Performance at 1/10th the Cost

Lightning-fast queries, high concurrency, and no expensive data copies to manage.

Dremio is recognized as
one of the top 25 fastest growing companies

Products that improve self-service, performance,
and governance.

Dremio Sonar

A SQL query engine with a built-in semantic layer and intuitive user interface. With Dremio Sonar, organizations can quickly access the data they need, query across data sources, create views, and update Apache Iceberg tables with data manipulation language (DML).

Check Out Dremio Sonar Query Engine

Dremio Arctic (Preview)

A data lakehouse management service that enables data teams to manage data-as-code with Git-like operations, optimizes tables automatically, and provides a data catalog. Dremio Arctic makes it easier fo data teams to provide improved governance, data quality, and query performance. With Dremio Arctic, data teams can select their query engine of choice.

Check Out Dremio Arctic

Data Lakehouse Ecosystem that
supports organizations of any size

Dremio partners with hundreds of leading data storage, BI tool, and ETL vendors to provide a comprehensive set of functionality for organizations of any size.

Customer success

Dremio helps organizations become more data driven with self-service analytics and more efficient by offloading use cases from expensive and proprietary data warehouses to our open data lakehouse. Dremio exceeds the performance and scale requirements of the most demanding and largest enterprises in the world, including 5 of the Fortune 10.

"Dremio bridges the data warehouse and the data lake, enabling NCR to derive more value between the two data sources."

Ivan Alvarez

IT Vice President, Big Data and Analytics | NCR Corporation

"With Dremio, we are able to reach the source of truth of the data for analytical access, without data replication. This is a crucial aspect for us…We are among the first companies with this dimension and complexity to implement a data mesh architecture. Agile Lab and Dremio have been important for us to reach these results."

Achille Barbieri

Senior Project Manager | Enel

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Dremio Test Drive

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Dremio Cloud

Open & fully-managed data lakehouse

Best option if your data is on AWS.

Dremio Software

Software for any environment

Self-managed software for data in Azure, GCP and on-premises.

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